Case Study

Each cohort joining the Academy will have a maximum of 18 people professionals with whom you will collaborate, debate and innovate with. The Academy experience includes 12 weeks of learning. We’ll start the programme with a welcome session to provide context and insights from the Academy Alumni, followed by 8 learning modules (40 hours) and closing with a wrap-up session to review and share learning impact.

Professionals also have access an additional 15 hours of self-directed e-learning around core behaviours and will adopt self reflective practice and apply learning to their own work environments through a sponsorship approach.

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In the report, we show:

  • Key features of the programme
  • Insights from the previous cohorts
  • Feedback from programme candidates
  • How you can get involved

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Personal Programme Highlights

“Omar Ismail – the future of work and data analytics – really insightful and knowledgeable. Found all of the speakers interesting – networking with peers from
around the country via group activities.”


“Data analytics was most useful. Have already created a dashboard for exit data. And
workforce planning fitted in nicely with work my organization was already doing.”


“I have really appreciated the networking opportunity that we have been given by being split into different breakout rooms for each exercise. I got to see how so many councils
are working.”


“The data analytics module was a really stand-out high quality session. Omars style and delivery was inspiring.”



“I really enjoyed the data and strategic planning modules and getting to see how differently Councils outside of my region operate.”


“Meeting so many like minded people across Councils in the UK. Having the opportunities to network and build relationships will stay with me and I’ve already set up meetings to continue conversations started on the programme. Thank you. A brilliant programme!”

“All modules were useful but the best thing was having the opportunity to work with
colleagues. I forgot we weren’t in the same room and the flow and pace were just right.”



“Omar’s mantra was ‘Teach to learn’ and I will be building this into training going forward.“